Remy Gautreau Music

I am really proud of my son, Remy. He is a terrific singer/songwriter with his own unique style that gets better everyday. But hey, don't take my word for it; go to his site and hear for yourself.

Doug Munro Music

Doug is such an outstanding guitarist! He has more credits than would fit on this page...he does a lot of gigs with me and it's always a pleasure.

Pablo Mayor

"One cannot talk about Colombian music these days without referencing Pablo Mayor. One of the contemporary voices of Colombia outside its borders, Pablo has dedicated the last sixteen years to writing, producing, and promoting Colombian music in New York City."

Ran Blake Music

I am proud to say that Ran, an extraordinary pianist/composer, winner of a MacArthur Foundation Award, the Guggenheim Fellowship Award in Composition and many others, has been my friend, collaborator, and teacher. He's always been an inspiration.

Duck Baker

Duck is a talented jazz guitarist. I've given his music away in raffles. Check him out, he puts a great spin on the classics.

Margaret Henkels

I really love my good friend Margaret's work. She's a ceramic artist who produces one of a kind, low-fire sculptural pieces which reflect her interest in architecture.

Beledo Music

Beledo is an excellent guitarist; he plays lead on most of the songs on my CD. He has his own CD's which are just super. Check them out!

Ariel De la Portilla Music

Ariel is a wonderful bass player. We often work as a trio and he always makes everything sound good. Check out his web site.

Nelson Riveros

Nelson is an innovative guitarist/writer/singer whom I really enjoy. His unique blend of Jazz and Latin is exhilarating. Hear for yourself.

Andy Sexton Music

Andy, a gifted singer songwriter, has been my friend and collaborator forever: we have written hundreds of songs. He co-wrote Hold On and Friends and Lovers, from Music IslandĀ.


My friend Russell who is helping me with social media and building my audience is also a musician in his own right. Check his current project out here.


Karen Hudson


Karen is a fantastic singer-songwriter along the lines of Rosanne Cash. I really love her sound. I've given her music away in recent raffles.






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